About Us


Our mission is for The Highland Cinema to become the creative centre of Lochaber, providing a fun, vibrant and entertaining hub for local people and visitors to the West Highlands. The aim is to offer an excellent Cinema and exceptional Café, in beautiful surroundings full of Highland hospitality.

Our intention is to bring a smile to people’s faces even on the wettest day, to be a gathering place for youngsters and the elderly alike, and to provide a range of film choices that pleases and interests a broad spectrum of visitors to our cinema.

Opening in 2020, the building is designed to be a twist on a traditional highland property, with a red corrugated roof and stone walls. The red stone of the walls is from Glen Nevis, the slate from Ballachulish and the grey stone from an old sheep fank on Blarour Farm. It is being built by 3b, designed by Dualchas, with a professional team including Galbraith; David Narro; Harley Haddow; Andrew Robertshaw; Sandy Brown; and Hamish Bell. A huge thanks to them for all their excellent work.

Our café, seating a hundred, has a wood burning stove, cosy seating, and a covered terrace overlooking the town square (dogs welcome on the terrace). We will offer a broad range of delicious food ranging from coffee and pastries, to gourmet pizza, interesting salads, charcuterie and much more.

Thanks also to our two generous sponsors Mowi and Liberty; sub sponsor BSW who donated the timber; Glen Nevis Estate; Blarour Farming Co; Ivor and Grainne Dunbar; Michael Chisholm; Morar Motors; Morrisons Supermarket; and all who all donated things in one way or another to create this wonderful place. No public money was sought to fund the building of The Highland Cinema.

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